Traction (Motive Power) Batteries

2 Volt cells with positive tubular plates, connected in series to form 6, 12, 24, 36, 48, 72 and 80V batteries mounted in plastic coated steel trays. Motive Power block batteries 6, 8 and 12 Volts, with or without maintenance (VRLA). Motive Power batteries are used to propel electric forklift trucks and other electric vehicles for material handling, marine applications, cleaning machines, mobile elevating work platforms, golf carts etc


Stand-By (Network Power) Batteries

Network Power batteries are used to supply power to critical systems that cannot be interrupted. Network Power batteries are used in telecommunications, photovoltaic ,safety lighting, computers, security systems, electric power plants, medical applications, railways, military equipment , providing reliable power when needed.


Mining Cap Lamps

Used primeraly in mining, Oldham cap lamps have been synonymous for over 100 years with high quality and innovative mine lighting. This robust, totally reliable safe product is also used industrially by fire brigades, railways, utilities, oil and chemical industries and military services.


Battery Chargers

Used to recharge all types of batteries, single and three phase fully automatic, all types of charging profiles, with and without power transformer (high frequency, switching technology)


Inverters DC/AC

Used in remote locations, where reliable electricity source is needed (houses, marine applications etc).


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Our Company

Christodoulou Accumulators Ltd was founded in 1991 in Piraeus as Michael Christodoulou and Co, operating right from the beginning in the Industrial battery market for motive and network power applications. As of 2008, the company‘s legal form is Ltd with a capital of EUR 150000,00.

Our brand “START”, is well established in the Greek market, synonymous of robustness, reliability and extended service life.

Today, Christodoulou Accumulators serves the complex energy needs of customers in Greece and around the world.

We are specialized in the design, assembly and distribution of :

  • Motive / traction batteries, used in electric forklift trucks, cleaning machines, marine applications, electric tractors, lifting platforms, electric vehicles (golf carts), renewable energy  systems etc.
  • Network / stand-by batteries, used in power plants, railways, UPS systems, telecom, renewable energy systems, etc
  • Energy Power Systems such as chargers, inverters etc
  • Energy related services (consulting, technical support, spare parts, maintenance, training etc)

Based on our wide range of high tec products and services, as well as our expertise and cumulative experience, we offer customized turn-key solutions meeting the demands of various sectors including industry, marine, supply chain and logistics, telecom etc.

Our strategic partnerships with internationally acclaimed companies, ensure the level of quality that we provide to our valuable customers.

  • GNB Technologies (member of Exide Technologies) in the field of Industrial Batteries
  • Nuova Elettra and Zivan in the field of chargers
  • Victron in the field of chargers and inverters
  • Oldham (member of Enersys) in the field of mining products and caplamps

Our company follows ISO 9001:2008 Quality Standard procedures for the import, assembly, sales and servicing of batteries, electronics and peripherals.

The company's head offices, warehouse and workshop occupy an area of 1500m2 and are located in the centre of Piraeus's industrial area, and a separate facility for the storage of used batteries is located in Schisto Industrial Park of Perama.